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Acceleration (0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, 1/4 mile times) top speed, hp and other specs. for new and classic cars




  Bugatti - Buick   







2010    -     Baby Bugatti                           

2006    -     Bugatti Veyron 16.4                

2002    -     Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron          

2000    -     Bugatti EB 18/4 Veyron          

1999    -     Bugatti EB 218                       

1998-2004 Bugatti EB 118                       

1994          Bugatti EB110 GT                  

1993    -     Bugatti EB 110 SS                  

1933-1938 Bugatti 57sc Atlantic Coupe    

1920-1926 Bugatti Type 23                         




1997          Buick Regal GS                             

1997                     Regal LS                         

1995                     Regal GS                        

1995          Buick Riviera                          

1995          Buick Roadmaster Limited      

1994          Buick Park Avenue Ultra        

1993          Buick Roadmaster                  

1992          Buick LeSabre Limited           

1992          Buick Regal GS                            

1992          Buick Skylark GS                   

1991          Buick Park Avenue Ultra        

1991          Buick Riviera Convertable       

1990          Buick LeSabre Limited           

1990          Buick Regal Limited                

1988          Buick Reatta                           

1988          Buick Regal Costom               

1986          Buick Electra T Type              

1986          Buick Regal Grand National    

1986          Buick Riviera T Type              

1985          Buick Electra T Type              

1985          Buick Regal Grand National    

1984                     Regal T Type                

1983          Buick Century T Type             

1983          Buick Riviera Convertable       

1983                     Riviera T Type              

1980          Buick Century Limited            

1980          Buick Riviera Type S              

1980          Buick Skylark (4spd)              

1980                     Skylark (Auto)              

1980                     Skylark Sedan              

1980                     Skylark Sport Coupe    

1975          Buick Electra 455ci                 

1974          Buick Apollo 250ci                 

1974                     Apollo 350ci                 

1974          Buick Regal 350ci                   

1974                     Regal 455ci                   

1973          Buick Century GS 455ci         

1973          Buick Riviera 455ci                 


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This collection of acceleration (0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, 1/4 mile times), top speed, hp and other specs., have been accumulated from many different sources. These sources include performance tests made by various auto magazines, different sources on the internet and official data from the auto manufactures.

The pages provide "factory stock" performance test figures.


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